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    If you’re pregnant, busy and feeling like it’s just time to do this, you’re not alone. Just know that if you’re in good health, there are a lot of medical reasons that labor is worth the wait—for both mom and baby. 

    Know the risks
    If a woman has a healthy pregnancy, scheduling a birth before 39 weeks can cause problems. That’s because important things happen during those last few weeks. For instance:

    • A baby’s brain and lungs are still developing.
    • After 39 weeks, a newborn baby is less likely to have vision and hearing problems.
    • Babies born at a healthy weight have an easier time staying warm; they can also suck, swallow and stay awake long enough to eat. Babies born too early sometimes can’t do these things.

    Source: March of Dimes


    Understand the risks to your baby


    Reasons to schedule before 39 weeks

    If there’s a complication that threatens the health of you or your baby, your team may recommend an early induction.

    NOT reasons to schedule before 39 weeks

    1. Feeling anxious and scared of the unknown; wanting to “get it over with”

    2. Thinking it’s more convenient (for work, school or life schedules)

    3. Being unaware of the potential medical impacts


    The unknown can be scary. And when it comes to feeling overburdened by life’s seemingly endless scheduling: we’ve all been there. Here are some ideas for coping until the big day:

    • Try meditation, yoga or breathing exercises
    • Connect with a friend or support group
    • Talk to your medical provider
    • Write in your journal
    • Take a class
    • Ask friends or family for help dealing with everything on your plate. After all, this is a time to stay centered on what’s most important: you and baby.