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New parents get surprise with their new bundle of joy
by Stefanie Briggs

Being a new parent can be thrilling and scary, but you don’t have to tell Toni and Anthoni Corredato that.

The place where parents go to have their child is an important decision, one the Corredatos didn’t take lightly and will always remember as a good one. The two not only took birthing classes at the new Maple Grove Hospital, but also had several appointments at their clinic Oakdale Obstetrics and Gynecology, physically attached to the hospital with a walkway to the Family Birth Center. During their birthing classes they even toured the entire hospital and were most impressed by all the facilities.

But it was the day their son arrived that made the real impression for the couple.

“I had gone into the doctor’s office on a Thursday and was contracting, but they said I was fine to go home so I did,” Toni said. “My next appointment wasn’t until Wednesday, but something didn’t feel right so I went back into the office the next Monday instead.”

At her Monday visit her physician checked the baby’s heartbeat and discovered an arrhythmia. Toni was 39 weeks along.

“He had 70 to 75 beats per minute and would stop periodically,” Toni said.

Toni’s doctor made a quick decision to put her in a wheelchair and wheel her across the building to the Maple Grove Hospital Family Birth Center just in time to save her baby’s life. In only three minutes, doctors had rushed her into surgery to safely get the baby out. The doctors discovered that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s body and neck.
“I didn’t have time to even take off my jewelry and barely time to call my husband and mother,” she said. “If I had waited even a couple more hours to go back in, he [the baby] would not have survived.”

Anthoni, driving from Cambridge where he works, said when he heard about what was happening to his wife he felt like he was in a dream. Something like this couldn’t be real. The Corredatos had planned for nine months, including practicing everything they learned in their birth classes.

“For the rest of the time we were at the hospital we’d often get ‘oh, you’re that couple’,” he said. “Every staff member we encountered was so great.”

Toni is grateful for the nurses and staff who kept her calm in such a chaotic moment.

“They were there for me for anything I needed,” she said. “They helped me to not be so scared.”

The operating room had been ready for another surgery so Toni was brought into a prepped room, and baby Isak was out in two minutes flat. Today he is a happy, healthy newborn.

What the couple remembers most from their four days at Maple Grove Hospital was their experience with the dedicated staff and attentive personalities. The accommodations were wonderful, the great food and the care unbelievable.

“The food wasn’t like any kind of hospital food I’ve ever had,” Toni said. “It was really good, as was the atmosphere and the rooms are comfortable.”

Even with staff changing shifts from day to day and at night, the Corredatos were happy with everyone they met.

“This is a really nice place with some really great people,” Toni said.


Both don’t mind recommending Maple Grove Hospital as a great place that not only saved their baby’s life, but was close and convenient for them to go.

“I’m just glad I followed my intuition,” Toni said.


Her intuition saved her son’s life along with the quick thinking and skills of the staff at Maple Grove Hospital.