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Your safety is our first priority. We created this hospital to ensure the safest possible experience for every moment that you and your family are here. Precautions were built into every facet of the hospital design:

  • Medications are stored in a lockbox in each patient’s room and dispensed using a bar-coded, electronically charted system.
  • Electronic health records offer physicians and nurses immediate access to your medical history to ensure more accurate treatment.
  • “Same-handed” rooms, a design that research has shown to reduce the possibility for medical error, mean that all of our patient rooms and surgical suites look the same—from the placement of the bed and cabinets to the supplies.
  • High filtration air exchange systems promote clean, fresh air throughout the hospital.
  • An infant protection system within the Family Birth Center safeguards babies and parents.
  • Patient lifting devices are used for the safety of both patients and staff members.
  • Advanced communication technology sends alerts and alarms directly to your care team, regardless of where they are in the hospital.
  • Wireless systems support instant, direct communication between you and your care team.

How you can help

Safety is rule #1 for every member of our staff. But achieving our goal of zero injuries, accidents or infections means we have to work together. Some ways you can help make your stay safer:

  • Keep a list of your medications handy, even before you arrive.
  • Wash your hands and ask your visitors to do the same.
  • Request that friends or family members who have a cold, fever or infection express their care for you by NOT visiting you during your stay.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to us. Together, we can make this the safest place to give and receive care.