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Delivering Health Care As It Ought To Be Through Communnication, Teamwork and Innovation

For Merijo and the Emergency Care Center (ECC) team it’s all about the patient from the moment they walk in the door. “Our specialty is health care that is patient-focused 100 percent of the time. If the patient and their families are comfortable then we know that we did our job right,” states Merijo Schornstein, RN and Patient Care Facilitator in the ECC at Maple Grove Hospital. 

The ECC team goes the extra mile to achieve our vision of together, delivering health care as it ought to be through communication, teamwork and innovation. “Innovation and communication at Maple Grove Hospital go hand-in-hand when working across all teams from the doctors and nurses to environmental services and volunteers. It’s a team effort and all about who we are here at Maple Grove Hospital. It’s my second family and home away from home.  We all have each others backs and it’s an open and trusting relationship. It’s one of my favorite things about working in the ECC at Maple Grove Hospital,” notes Merijo.  “We’re proud to be here and want to be here and it shows. Maple Grove Hospital is not only a great place to work but it’s a great place to receive care. Our goal is to provide compassionate care that is unique to the individual patient whether it’s a baby, parent or grandparent. It’s not only what we do that matters, but how we do it.”