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Making a Difference in Patient-Centered Emergency Care

Eric Kloss is a nurse and one of the newest members on the Emergency Care Center (ECC) team at Maple Grove Hospital.  Beginning with his first day on the job, Eric was very impressed with the hospital’s dedication to teamwork and patient-centered care. “Everyone at Maple Grove Hospital goes out of their way to make you feel appreciated and part of the team. Even if you’re having a difficult day or dealing with a challenging situation you know that someone has your back and it makes coming to work that much more rewarding,” notes Eric.

Eric takes great pride in being able to provide family-friendly care to patients and families that come to the hospital for emergency care.  He enjoys being able to take part in the hospital’s Are You Comfortable initiative making sure that each and every person that walks through our hospital doors has everything they need in order to be as comfortable as possible.  “Staff members and volunteers in the ECC and throughout Maple Grove Hospital go above and beyond expectations setting the bar high for patient satisfaction. It’s all the little things at Maple Grove Hospital.  We want to ensure every visitor, patient, family and team member feels welcome and receives the compassionate care they deserve,” states Eric. 

Another key feature of Maple Grove Hospital that Eric believes helps in delivering patient-centered care is the positive healing environment.  “The environment throughout the hospital – including the Emergency Care Center – is uniquely designed to be a place of healing for the community.  From the moment you walk through the doors, patients and families are greeted with a warm and positive smile.  People are always commenting that you never really feel like you are in a hospital which is a nice compliment for all of us at Maple Grove Hospital.”