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Jessica Miles: Two Awesome Baby Experiences Thanks to Compassionate Care and Hotel-Like Amenities

Jessica Miles and her husband Cory Kampschroer are very familiar with the Family Birth Center at Maple Grove Hospital.  They have delivered two babies here in the last two years, and are expecting their third baby this fall.  With her first pregnancy, Jessica was planning to deliver at another local hospital and changed her mind at 36 weeks.  “It was just something I felt in my heart that I needed to do.  Once we toured Maple Grove Hospital, I knew instantly that this was the place I wanted to be.  From the moment we walked in the doors, we knew we were making the best decision for our family,” says Jessica. 

Cory and Jessica welcomed their first baby girl, Riley in March 2010 only three months after Maple Grove Hospital opened.  “Every moment of our experience at Maple Grove Hospital was wonderful.  The staff could relate to what you were going through as first time parents and anticipated our needs. They took great care of us and that is why we keep coming back,” notes Cory. 

Amy Brown, MD, who practices at Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility, a partner clinic to Maple Grove Hospital, has been Jessica’s physician through all three of her pregnancies.  “Jessica and her family are such a delight.  It really speaks volumes about the great level of care at Maple Grove Hospital that Jessica and Cory have entrusted them with the care of their family for all three deliveries,” states Dr. Brown.

Compassionate Care
In the summer of 2011, Jessica and Cory welcomed their second daughter Reese into the world.  “Again, the experience was ‘awesome’ and we sincerely thank all the wonderful staff for their kind and compassionate care.  We continue to be amazed with the amenities and thoughtfulness of the staff,” adds Jessica. 

In fact, one particular nurse in the Family Birth Center stands out, Jen Kouri.  Jen happened to be one of their nurses during their first baby experience at Maple Grove Hospital and instantly bonded with Jessica and Cory.  “Jen was very hands on and treated us like we were her family. Her positive attitude and kindness are contagious.  We just love her and now consider her a true friend,” notes Jessica.  So when Jessica and Cory delivered their second baby girl Reese at Maple Grove Hospital, they were excited to find out that Jen was their nurse once again.  “It just made our baby experience that much more rewarding to know that Jen was there for us.  We feel so comfortable with her and know we are in good hands,” adds Jessica.  Nurse Jen also felt that special bond.  “When I found out that Jessica and Cory were delivering their second baby here, I wanted to make sure that I was able to share in their experience again.  They are such a wonderful family and I feel so lucky to share in not one but two of their baby experiences,” says Jen Kouri, RN.  

Jessica and Cory are keeping their fingers crossed that nurse Jen will be a part of their baby experience this fall when they are back for baby number three.  Something tells Jessica and Cory that the third is a charm and Jen will be by their sides once again for their third baby experience at Maple Grove Hospital.