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Imagine a hospital that doesn’t feel like a hospital. Where there’s less institution, and more personal choice. Where your comfort and safety come first, and you can count on personalized care from compassionate experts dedicated to your health and well-being. Where technology and design come together to create a safer, more efficient care experience—and empower you and your caregivers to make the best, most informed decisions.


This is Maple Grove Hospital, an innovative new source for care that offers so much more than you expect. As part of your team, we are trained to deliver the highest quality care, customized to your needs, in areas like:

  • Family Birth Center
  • Emergency Care Center
  • Surgical and Diagnostic Services
  • Adult and Pediatric Medicine

Above and beyond your expectations

At the core of the Maple Grove Hospital experience: a focus on giving you the greatest level of safety, comfort and freedom to be you.

  • Flexible meal planning that gives you choices of what and when you want to eat, delivered to your room.
  • Visiting hours that let you decide when you want your friends and family to be with you during your stay.
  • Caring professionals who want your input about scheduling tests or medications. 
  • Dedicated team ensuring your safety is our first priority.

We strive to humanize health care, so you get the highest quality experience. That’s why upon arriving, you might appreciate someone who greets you and takes you to your room, right away—whether you’ve scheduled surgery or are rushing into the ER. We want what you want: care that’s as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible.


Innovative Approach to Care
At Maple Grove Hospital. we strive to deliver health care as it ought to be. It’s at the heart of what we do and how we do it. Here are a few examples of how we are approaching health care in an innovative way.


Putting a Face on Harm
Storytelling is at the center of our culture at Maple Grove Hospital. We share stories from patients, families and peers that go above and beyond to improve a patients’ care experience. At Maple Grove Hospital, we are always looking for ways to approach health care in a new way. One of those ways is through a patient safety initiative called Putting a Face on Harm that focuses on sharing the outcomes of patient safety issues through personal stories and speaks to improvements in safety and reduction in errors. The goal is to make the connection to the person rather than event and highlight positive improvements.


A state-of-the-art wireless device used by staff at Maple Grove Hospital to ensure fast and effective communication that helps to save time, save steps and save lives. The Vocera instantly connects staff with the right resources to help prevent treatment delays, medical errors and unsafe practices. It also reduces noise levels (eliminating the need for overhead pages), increases caregiver time at the bedside and improves communication between patients and staff.


An interactive system that allows patients and families to view health care related content such as education, relaxation and other hospital related information through the television. LodgeNet can also be used to control the temperature of a patient’s room by using a pillow speaker and the television as an interface and display. The LodgeNet interactive system improves the patient experience by giving patients more control of their environment and the ability to educate and entertain bedside.