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Convenience of Care
Megan Limesand is an energetic mother to four busy children ranging in ages from 10-15 years old. Her world is all about being “on the go” so convenience of care played a big role in her decision to use the outpatient spine services at Maple Grove Hospital. “I had pain in my lower back for years but kept putting off surgery due to our hectic family life. However, during a family vacation last fall I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk. I knew then I had no choice but to have surgery,” says Megan. “I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my herniated disc and fragments in my back could be fixed through same day/outpatient care. I could have my minimally invasive surgery and be out of the hospital in the same day. I was so relieved and made the decision to have my surgery done at Maple Grove Hospital as soon as possible.”

Three months after her back surgery, Megan is completely healed and loving life. Previous to her back surgery, Megan had difficulty with simple activities such as walking and even sitting. She went to a chiropractor on a regular basis just to make it through all the various routine activities with her kids and busy lifestyle. “My life has changed 100%. I am now pain free…it’s like it never happened. I’ve never felt better and it’s all thanks to Dr. Strothman and the phenomenal team at Maple Grove Hospital. Before, during and after my back procedure everyone on the medical team was so accommodating. I felt like I was the only patient being taken care of even though I knew that wasn’t the case. Everyone took their time with me and explained everything that was going on. It was pretty amazing. The level of care is beyond anything I could have imagined. It was truly a life-changing experience,” cries Megan.


Megan and her family live on a lake and are very active with sports, school and church. So for her to able to recover so quickly and get back to her busy life was above and beyond anything she could have expected. Her only regret is that she didn’t have the surgery sooner.