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Hospitality – Maple Grove Hospital Style
Small town hospitality and compassionate care are just two of the many things that attracted Karen Jacobson to Maple Grove Hospital for her two knee replacement surgeries in 2012. “The first time we walked through the doors of the hospital my mind was instantly put at ease. Everyone made us feel so welcome and comfortable. I knew I was in the best place for the care I needed. My husband and I have lived in Monticello for more than 40 years and are very thankful to have such wonderful care so close to home,” says Karen.  

One Stop Shop

For years Karen suffered from bone on bone arthritis in both of her knees making it difficult to stand for long periods of time and climbing stairs was nearly impossible. Dr. Asp at Twin Cities Orthopedics referred Karen to Maple Grove Hospital to explore options for total joint replacement surgery due to the severity of her arthritis.

Karen’s Maple Grove Hospital journey began weeks before her surgery with a patient education class and was quickly followed by pre-operative teaching, nursing assessment, physical therapy instructions and discharge planning. “The Total Joint Replacement Surgery program is a one stop shop. I felt well-prepared for each of my two knee replacement surgeries. Diane Holmstadt, my nurse educator, was very personable plus she was also from Monticello which added to the small town environment at Maple Grove Hospital. She helped me feel less nervous and more knowledgeable about my surgery with her charismatic personality,” adds Karen.

Excellent Care
In January 2012, Karen underwent her first surgery at Maple Grove Hospital on her right knee. Ten months later in November, Karen had her second knee replacement surgery on her left knee. Just like her first surgery, everything turned out remarkable. “During each of my four-day hospital stays the great staff made me feel right at home and everything was fabulous including the food. All of the nurses took excellent care of me and made sure my pain was under control at all times. My second surgery happened during the election and my nurse was the first to tell me about the presidential election results. It was an exciting experience in more ways than one,” exclaims Karen.


Nearly a year after her first knee surgery, Karen is now able to move around more freely. Her chronic pain and stiffness have disappeared. She is enjoying her new found freedom by spending time with her two granddaughters, volunteering and traveling pain free thanks to the incredible team at Maple Grove Hospital.