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Patient finds rewarding experience
at Maple Grove Hospital

by Aaron Brom

There’s nothing more frightening for parents than a very sick child, especially if that child isn’t breathing correctly.

That was the case in February when newborn Jenna Printz was taken to Maple Grove Hospital, about a month after the hospital opened. Jenna was one of the hospital’s first pediatric patients – outside of those born there.

Jenna’s mother, Jenny Stevens, had experience taking Jenna’s older brothers to a hospital, but this was her first experience at the state-of-the-art Maple Grove Hospital. She noticed differences right away.

“When you come to the emergency room at Maple Grove Hospital, there’s a greeter,” Stevens said. “Then they call a nurse right away. And you get to see the doctor right away.”

Jenna was suffering from bronchialitis and group B strep that she may have contracted at birth. She was very sick and at one point stopped breathing at the hospital.

Unlike most hospitals, Maple Grove Hospital has no overhead speakers. So in Jenna’s case, when she stopped breathing, a nurse pushed a Code Blue button that alerted emergency staff rather than making a call on overhead speakers. Hospital staff members wear communication devices that hang like a necklace, called Vocera, allowing the person in need to be contacted directly and making for a quieter atmosphere in the hospital.

Instead of everyone in the building hearing the Code Blue alert, the communication system is designed so that the individuals who are needed to respond to an emergency get the message immediately – but not everyone else.

“Within seconds, there were people everywhere,” Stevens said. “It’s just so comfortable here and it is noticeably more quiet.”

Jenna recovered from her breathing emergency and stayed at Maple Grove Hospital for a few days. Today Jenna is fully recovered. Now nine months old, Jenna spent the time while her mother was being interviewed flashing her big beautiful blue eyes and throwing a pink fabric purse out of her stroller.

 “At Maple Grove Hospital it was more comfortable. You get more one-on-one attention. I was very impressed,” said Stevens. Stevens said she felt Maple Grove Hospital goes to great lengths to make families feel welcome.

“Everything here is so new,” she said. “It’s a little like staying in a hotel room. Everything is so nice. There’s a beautiful couch in the room and a big screen TV.”

Another amenity favored by Stevens is the hospital’s location. In her case she lives just down the road in Dayton. Her father-in-law was recently sick and the family was glad they didn’t “have to fight traffic” to get him to an inner metro hospital.

“It’s so convenient to have a hospital here,” she said. “And once you’re here you don’t have to wait a long time. They really make you feel welcome. It’s nice, quiet and clean, and the communication is excellent.”