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Superior Care
July 31, 2012 is a day Heidi Moe will never forget. This is the day a devoted wife and mother of two received the life-changing news that she had breast cancer. In the whirlwind that followed, Heidi endured hundreds of tests and procedures, including a double mastectomy only a few short months later. “We took every precaution and wanted to make sure that we were doing everything in our power to fight the cancer. I think I went to every clinic and hospital in the state for tests and labs. My experience at Maple Grove Hospital was by far the best experience,” says Heidi. “Maple Grove Hospital is the place to be if you are looking for superior, top-notch care. My husband Brad and I can not say enough positive things about the staff, facility or care we received. They have thought of everything at Maple Grove Hospital so you don’t have to.”


Above and Beyond
“The Maple Grove Hospital team went to great lengths to make me feel comfortable. I truly felt like I was the only patient in the hospital being taken care of during each of my visits. All of my surgical and outpatient care experiences were remarkable. The medical team at Maple Grove Hospital was amazing. They took every safety precaution to ensure that not only was I was well taken care of from a comfort level but that medically all the bases were covered. The high level of individualized care is superior to none. It was the first time since my diagnosis where I didn’t feel like just a patient. Everyone at Maple Grove Hospital treated me like an individual which I so appreciated. My husband was so impressed with the wonderful care I experienced. We continue to tell our friends and family that if you ever need to go to a hospital for any reason go to Maple Grove Hospital. You will be amazed…it’s above and beyond all expectations.” 


Heidi is currently undergoing cancer treatments including chemotherapy. Her zest for life and dedication to her family is inspiring. She refuses to give in to cancer and continues to fight with everything she has.