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Maple Grove Hospital is unlike any other: a modern healing environment featuring the most advanced technologies, best practices from across the country, and the input of countless people just like you.


Building a hospital that’s centered around the patient and family experience didn’t happen by chance. It started with a central question: What would a patient’s best experience in a hospital look, sound and feel like?



In our quest to provide the best possible care, we’ve listened closely:

  • Posing questions like “What do you want from your care experience?” and “How can we help you heal?” to people throughout the community and beyond.
  • Gathering input from design experts and practitioners across medical specialties.
  • Searching the country for ideas and examples of how to build a hospital that can foster better healing in a safer, more personal way.
  • Incorporating your hopes and desires into a new kind of healing environment.


People have different needs and different ways of healing. So we created a setting—and began fostering a culture of care—that gives you choices and respects your personal preferences. So you can heal.


You can feel it in everything from the valet parking to the deluxe Family Birth Center accommodations to the way you’re seen and treated immediately during an emergency visit.


You can see it in the way the rooms, hallways, surgical suites, reception areas and more were designed to offer the greatest comfort and privacy in the safest, highest quality environment.