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Volunteer Opportunities

Each volunteer brings a new and unique level of expertise to Maple Grove Hospital. No matter where your talents and interests lie, chances are we have an opportunity for you.

Click here for a list of current volunteer opportunities!


Click here for a list of donation items for our pediatric patients.


Benefits of Volunteering

The greatest benefit a volunteer at Maple Grove Hospital gains is the personal satisfaction of making the hospital experience a bit brighter for our patients and their families.  In addition, our volunteers enjoy many benefits:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Meal allowance during your three hour shift
  • Gift shop discount
  • Pharmacy discount
  • Building new relationships
  • Recognition and appreciation


Helpful Tips for Parents (of Junior Volunteers)

Volunteering at Maple Grove Hospital is an opportunity for young people to learn and demonstrate commitment and personal accountability.  To help our Junior Volunteers become comfortable with seizing new opportunities, we expect every volunteer to attend orientation and complete an in-person interview with a Volunteer Services team member independently, without parental involvement. 


While we encourage parents to ask questions, we respectfully request that parents/guardians refrain from attending orientation or the interview and allow their son/daughter to experience the process as an applicant and gain skills they can later use during a job application process.


Some of the topics that will be covered at orientation include:

  • Maple Grove Hospital Culture/Values
  • Volunteer Expectations
  • Perks/Benefits of Volunteering  
  • Confidentiality/HIPAA
  • Infection Control
  • Safety & Security


Along the same lines, our team's practice is to communicate directly with your son/daughter in person or via phone and/or email.  We understand that not all students have personal cell phones or email addresses; however, please encourage your son/daughter to communicate directly with our office as much as possible.  This experience will help your son/daughter strengthen their communication and organizational skills to set them up for future success. 


We hope that your son/daughter’s experience at Maple Grove Hospital will capitalize on their personal strengths and help them to develop critical thinking skills and prepare for their future.


Should you have questions about the process of becoming a volunteer at Maple Grove Hospital, please email us at


Service Enterprise Certification

Maple Grove Hospital is pleased to share that we have recently been certified by Points of Light as a Service Enterprise. A Service Enterprise methodically leverages volunteers and their skills to successfully deliver on the social mission of their organization. With this endorsement, Maple Grove Hospital becomes the first hospital in the nation to be recognized as a Service Enterprise by Points of Light - the world's largest organization dedicated to volunteer service. Only eight other organizations in Minnesota are certified as a Service Enterprise, including the Minnesota Children's Museum and Minnesota Historical Society.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I volunteer more than once a week?

Yes, it is possible depending on your schedule and the needs of the department in which you serve.


Can I volunteer in more than one area of the hospital?

All new volunteers must complete 20 hours of service in their assigned department/care area before adding or moving to another department/care area.


Can I volunteer for the summer only?

We will not be hosting a summer only program for junior volunteers in 2015.  We ask all volunteers to make a good faith commitment of 6 months.  If you are able to volunteer regularly for at least 6 months, please submit an online application.


Do you offer the opportunity to shadow physicians or observe in a clinical setting?
While volunteering at Maple Grove Hospital allows you to become familiar with and possibly comfortable in a medical setting, we do not have a formal shadowing program with our physicians.  There are opportunities to shadow team members in various departments throughout the hospital.  Please contact the volunteer coordinator for more details.


Do you offer internships?
Not at this time.


Are there age requirements for some positions?
All positions require that a volunteer be 14 years of age and older. 

Some positions require that volunteers be 16 or 18 years of age and older. 


Can I rock/cuddle with babies in the nursery?

At this time we do not have a formal volunteer position in either of our nurseries. 


How many hours do most volunteers work?
Most volunteers start out with one three to four hour shift a week. Some volunteers start with twice monthly schedules.  Volunteers who are interested in picking up additional shifts are encouraged to discuss options with their coordinator.


What about immunization requirements?
Documentation of two MMR immunizations or proof of immunity to measles and rubella is required of all volunteers. 


I would like to find employment at Maple Grove Hospital. Can I get my “foot in the door” by volunteering?
All employment is arranged through our Human Resources Department.  All individuals go through the same process in order to gain employment at Maple Grove Hospital.  Volunteering does not inherently give you an advantage over non-volunteers.


Can I do my homework while volunteering?

It is suggested that volunteers in certain departments bring a book to read discreetly during “down times”.  However, we do not encourage you to bring homework or other work that would bring your attention away from assisting staff or guests.


Can I be involved in patient discharge?

Some volunteer positions may occasionally involve assisting patients as they discharge.  However, we do not have a specific volunteer position working within patient discharge at this time.


Do you have volunteer positions in the pharmacy?

Unfortunately, not at this time.


Will I be involved in direct patient care?

Volunteers work to assist staff as the staff members directly care for patients.  While you may interact with patients and guests in your volunteer role, you will not provide any direct care measures. 


How long will you hold my volunteer application?

Applications are maintained for one year.  If after one year the individual has not progressed in the process of becoming a volunteer the application is deleted from our system or shredded.  You do not need to submit more than one application unless a year has lapsed since your last submission.  You also do not need to submit a new application if you move from junior to adult volunteer status. 


Is your volunteer program the same as North Memorial’s?

Our volunteer program is a separate entity from North Memorial.  For more information on volunteer opportunities at North Memorial, please visit



More Information

To learn more about Maple Grove Hospital’s volunteer program and how you can make a difference, call our volunteer services office at 763-581-1710, or send an e-mail to