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Sisters Angie Cizadlo and Jenna Nielsen deliver babies a day apart at Maple Grove Hospital
by Adrienne Foley

When Angie Cizadlo called to share the good news that she was expecting baby number two, her younger sister Jenna Nielsen had some news of her own: She, too, was pregnant with her second child.

In fact, the sisters, whose due dates were originally a week apart, planned on delivering their babies by Caesarean section on the same day – Friday, March 25. They chose Maple Grove Hospital because of its new Family Birth Center and its convenience to home.

“We’d heard wonderful things about Maple Grove Hospital,” says Jenna, 31. “They gave us a thorough tour of the hospital and the facility was so nice. I think it was also helpful to my husband because it gave him an idea of where we’d would be going and what was happening.”

However, as fate would have it, their plans changed when Angie’s daughter Ava decided to come a day early.

“I woke up at around 11:30pm and my water had broken,” says Angie, 34. “I went back to bed for a little bit, but the contractions were there and it was time.” Angie and her husband Gary came to the Maple Grove Hospital at 2:30am and Ava was born three hours later on Thursday, March 24, weighing in at 8.7 pounds.

The next morning, Jenna and her husband, Tim, arrived at Maple Grove Hospital for her scheduled C-section. Baby Emma arrived at 8:28am on Friday, March 25, weighing 9.12 pounds.

The sisters’ rooms were just steps away from each other, making it easy for family and friends to visit both of them. “It was fun to have family coming and going, and we were constantly in each other’s room,” says Jenna. “The staff was very accommodating because they knew we were sisters and wanted to be together.”

Having lots of family around was also helpful to Angie, since Ava was taken to the hospital’s special care nursery after birth. “The doctors knew right away that her breathing needed a little extra care, and she later developed jaundice,” she says. “They assured us that she would be fine, but it was nice to have family close by.”

Though Angie was discharged on Saturday, Ava would remain in the special care nursery until Monday. Angie was able to stay in Jenna’s room as a guest, offering support to her sister and at the same time being close to her new daughter.

While Angie and Jenna were there for the same reason, both sisters say their experiences at Maple Grove Hospital were unique and specific to their particular needs.

“The care we received was more than I could have expected,” says Angie. “Betsy was a nurse in the special care nursery who was special to us. You could just tell her care and compassion for Ava. She made sure that Ava was well taken care of when I needed my rest. And same for Crystal. Even though it was my second child, you forget how things go from the first time around. She gave my husband and me good advice on caring for our new baby.”

Angie felt that Gary, was taken care of as well. “Since we had planned a C-section but delivered naturally, they were especially great about helping my husband understand what was going on with me and with the baby.”

While Angie focused on Ava, Jenna was recovering from her surgical delivery of baby Emma. She credits her nurse, Ashley , with helping her get the rest she needed. “

Ashley took great care of Tim and me,” says Jenna. “She wasn’t just a nurse. She made sure that the baby was eating, that my husband was eating. She was also like my bodyguard. If I was tired, she could pick up on it and would get guests to leave so I could rest. She just seemed to know exactly what I needed, when I needed it.”

Both say the staff paid special attention to their older children as well – Angie’s son, Bennett, 2, and Jenna’s daughter, Hannah, 3. “

Ashley and Hannah just hit it off and were fast pals,” says Jenna. “I found it amazing how they had Hannah so involved in being a big sister, letting her pick out Emma’s hat, and things like that.”

After Angie and Jenna went home, they were invited back to share their experiences at an all-employee meeting at Maple Grove Hospital.

“It was really neat because the meeting included everyone, from security to nurses to volunteers,” says Angie. “It was nice to share our story with the employees, not only as sisters delivering together, but about how our care here was, which again, was fabulous.”

Adds Jenna: “The hospital’s vision of delivering healthcare as it ought to be really hit home for us. Our care was wonderful and very individualized, especially for Angie and me both being here together.”